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Bandai Armouron Starter Action Set

If your boys are looking for ways to let off steam, the Armouron Action Set from Bandai is an ideal way to act out scenes from the popular TV series. Get a Red Armouron and a Blue Armouron in the same room and watch the sparks fly (figuratively, of course!)

Learning Curve Chuggington Interactive All Around Chuggington Set

Chuggington is a place full of magic where all the characters are trains. Meet the Chuggers and the Trainees (Wilson, Brewster and Koko) as this train set brings them into your home

Animagic My Tender Care Twin Puppies

The Tender Care Twin puppies look out for each other and will delight your youngest children as they growl for each other and respond as they are treated well.

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset – Character Options

Fireman Sam needs somewhere to drink his tea while he’s waiting for a callout. This incredibly detailed deluxe fire station has everything your child could want as they help Sam to fight fires.

Spinmaster Toys Moon Dough Barn

Crank the handle and out pops an animal. The Moon Dough Barn comes with all the moulds and filler your children need to populate their farm and make some fences and food for their animals too.

Bandai Ben 10 Ben Deluxe Vehicle Mark 10 Car

Ben 10 uses incredible technology to fight aliens as they try to invade. His Mark 10 car changes shape to let him win in the air or water as well as on the ground and comes with al the missiles he needs to send those aliens packing!

Elefun Motorised Butterfly Catching Game

Elefun is great for helping your young ones develop their hand-eye coordination. He blows fluttery butterflies from his trunk and the children get to compete to catch as many as possible, grabbing them in their nets as they float all over the place.

Ravensburger Jolly Octopus Game

Jolly the Octopus is a game of skill and timing. Jolly waves his tentacles around to guard his little crab friends and all you have to do is to grab them out from under his nose. Even if you get caught, Jolly just laughs as you tickle him.

Zubber Jewellery Maker

Zubber, a kind of self-setting rubber, is what makes the Zubber Jewellery Maker so special. By mixing the compounds and colours and selecting the right mould, you can turn out jewellery to meet every need you have. Necklaces, rings, the choices are endless.

Lego Technic 8048 Buggy

The fantastic Lego Technic Buggy will appeal to everyone with a bit of engineer in them. The Technic range is always a bit more complex than just pure Lego, but the moving parts in the final model make it all worth while