Tender Care Twins

Tender Care TwinsThe Tender Care Twins are two cute twin puppies from Animagic. Max and Mitzi are their names and they need all the care and attention your children can lavish on them this Christmas to keep them healthy and happy.

Based on the animatronic-style toys that Animagic have developed for the last few years, the tender care twins react to different things as you play with them.

There is a distance sensor built in to the puppies so that if you separate them by too large a gap, Mitzi whimpers for her brother and when they are brought together again, she barks with happiness – enhancing the feeling that they are twins and really do want to stay together.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Tender Care Twins Accessories

The toys come with a stethoscope so you can check on their heartbeats to make sure they are healthy and you can feed them with the bottle supplied. Of course there’s a lot of happy slurping noises that occur while this is going on.

Although the tender care twin puppies take 6 LR44 type batteries, they are included in the pack so you should be able to meet Christmas without disappointment.

The tender care twins make ideal animated companions for children of 3 years and up and although they really come into the category of soft-toy, the animation will keep the interaction levels high for younger children.